Aaron A. Reed podcast interview [Brophisticate]

A few days ago Aaron Reed and I had a chat about his work on Inform7, his game Blue Lacuna and his upcoming history of text adventures book. See link below.

Listen to it here!


Definitely worth a bookmark.

Thank you.

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I’m glad to see this website, great accompanying images as well!

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I love hearing from Aaron Reed. His book about learning Inform7 (now just Inform, see other thread) was super important to my being able to finally write and release an I7 IF story game.

I have bookmarked the podcast channel and look forward to listening to the Aaron Reed episode.


Finally got around to listening to this one. Really looking forward to a revised textbook for inform 7 and the history of text adventures. Great work!


Thanks for listening! I’m with you on these upcoming books. Probably going to start me all kinds of rabbit holes looking for games I missed.

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Had a nice chat with author, blogger and game developer Aaron Reed about several things, including the book he’s writing on the history of text adventure.

Podcast link here!