Aaron A. Reed Interview

There is an interview with Aaron A. Reed (among many things, the organizer of Spring Thing) in the German culture blog ÜBER/STROM.

You can read it in the original German.

You can also read the English translation. It’s a machine translation, but it’s completely readable. (You can use that link to autotranslate it to any language you prefer.)


Thank you for the tip and the link. I am a big fan of Aaron Reed. It is well deserved.

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What a great interview! Also, I am blown away by how good that English translation was. I love how much better machine translations are getting… it’s so cool how it’s becoming easier and easier to communicate with each other as time goes on.


Thanks for the link, that was a good read! It’s a bit sad that the site didn’t publish an English version of the article (since it seems likely that the interview was originally conducted in English), but I didn’t notice any major issues with the Google Translate version.

(If anything remains unclear in the translated version, feel free to ask me.)

Asian languages (especially Chinese and Japanese) are still extremely rough and a lot of times the translation makes absolutely no sense. But for other languages that I occasionally come across while browsing the web (generally French, Italian, Russian, and German), the translations have come so far that it’s as if it was originally written in English, only having the occasional stilted sentence. It’s definitely impressive.

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