A way to block most verb use in Inform 7

Having just programmed a quick thing for the Tiny Utopia Jam in which the player is being a sheep, I found myself having to block all sorts of non-sheep commands (burn things, buy things, etc.) Is there an extension or something that can be used to disable the usual Inform commands en masse, or have they all got to be handled one by one?

If you don’t need really need to block it at the verb level rather than the action level, you can probably do something like this:

[code]Waiting is permissible sheep action. Examining is permissible sheep action. Looking is permissible sheep action. Eating is permissible sheep action.

Before doing something when the current action is not permissible sheep action: say “You’re a sheep. You can’t do that.” instead.[/code]

That looks good for any further small games I might make, anyhow.