A Walk in the Park - Extra Mayonnaise


The protagonist irks me, which is probably a sign they’re written accurately. Note that this game is a bit cruel in IF terms; you can get into an unwinnable state with absolutely nothing to do, which the game will inform you about a dozen z’s or so later. (Assuming it wasn’t lying about being unwinnable; but I took it at its word.) Also it’s a bit cruel in other terms as well. And the walkthrough doesn’t actually work. I literally pasted the commands in and got nowhere; given that it includes automatic actions (that the game won’t recognise out of context), I’m pretty sure it was just not actually tested. So if anyone finds another ending, I’d be interested to know.

“Talk” doesn’t work. I got one point for giving a lady a soda. That’s about all I accomplished. I made a homeless man my friend with a Canadian penny, apparently, and that was all that came out of the interaction. Inventory management is a pain, you have to take things that are already in your pocket. I don’t know why you’re supposed to drug a bird, nor why you’re supposed to give it to a random diet soda obsessed lady. Presumably the walkthrough was trolling me. I can’t figure out what’s going on in the walkthrough through context cues, and given how decidedly :confused: I was about the character and writing, I’m not going to keep beating my head against it.

I hate to leave a lackluster review as the top post of the thread, but I couldn’t find that one had been made yet, so…

I have posted a review here: blog.templaro.com/a-walk-in-the-park/

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