A very... Bizarre post...

I decided to release the source code to “Bizarre” – an unfinished IF game/engine written in C#/.NET. This was originally going to be a joke entry in IFComp 2009 (after I realized I wouldn’t get my real entry done in time). But I wasn’t satisfied making it a two-word parser, because I wanted the joke to be a really “bizarre” game but with a strangely competent parser (would have been entered anonymously, of course).

I made good progress before abandoning it. It has command scrollback, and doesn’t do what many Windows-based homebrews do with the command prompt (i.e., it’s actualy part of the text window, not a separate line). It has text resizing (buttons are at the bottom), color scheme invert feature that was going to feature in the game itself, and a couple other things like that. It knows “oops” and can ask for disambiguation. Has grammar defs, not just two-word parsing. Was going to support pronouns, but I didn’t get that done.

Not much here though, game-wise. Just a couple objects you can’t really do anything with. I was initially putting all the effort into the parser/engine (the game itself was going to be a joke, and I wasn’t too worried about thinking it out fully or having it make much sense).

I don’t know if what’s here is useful. Probably not, especially since it’s unfinished (didn’t get around to doing a scripting engine either, so verb routine handling would have to be hard-coded at present – and is, in the “core” module). But here it is – source code as a Visual Studio 2005 .NET 2.0 project, and the .EXE for the game itself compiled and included. I’ve attached it to this message.

Enjoy! Or don’t! :slight_smile:
bizarre_unfinished_01302010_source_dotnet.zip (481 KB)