a uber-super-nooby guestion

Well as you might or might not of noticed, this isn’t the same question. shock Well I have a new question and here it is.
Whats some code that will more or less, if the player uses a different object(fore say a sword verses a muffin) that will have a consiquence for using the wrong object.(Like eating the sword will either kill you or say you cant swollow a sword.)
i like green!

I’m not sure what you’re looking for with “-If (enemy) is attacked move to (a room)”.
Do you want something like:

After attacking: move the noun to the Graveyard; continue the action; [you'll need a tab at the beginning of these two lines]

You might look at the ATTACK! extension. There are really a near-infinite number of ways to handle combat, though.

The game should be as long as it needs to be, and will take you as long as it does. This sounds incredibly vague, but IF is a particular medium. There are one term games and ones that can take days to complete, much less fully explore. I would aim for something small, since it’s your first project - if there’s a small project that interests you. What most people discover is that even small projects take a lot of time to do well, and by the time you finish, you’ll have a better command of the tools.

I’ve been working on my WIP for closing in on two years, and am not nearly as far along as I’d like, but I’m slow and the project is huge. I think most comp games take less than a year to put together, but I’m not certain of that. (And some would benefit from some extra time.) Keep in mind that you’ll need extra time as you learn the tools. I7 is a great language, but in my experience, it can take months to get comfortable with anything beyond the bare bone basics. (Use the forum a lot.) You’ll also need to consider how long it’ll take to design and write and tweak and beta and fix bugs, in addition to the core programming. All of those are highly variable. It sounds like you want to do some non-standard things, such as combat, and those systems usually will take extra time, both initially and in testing. In short, if you’re going to write IF, you should be passionate about your game idea, and enjoy at least some aspects of the process, because most games take time.

Check out the IFDB (http://ifdb.tads.org/).

By the way, it’s much easier for me to read text that uses capitals and punctuation; would you consider using a little more formal English on the forum? Thanks.