A thought: Lectrote but with RemGlk instead of Quixe

It occured to me that since Lectrote is a desktop application, nothing prevents it to use C interpreters compiled with RemGlk instead of Quixe. The benefits would be that Lectrote would be faster (I suppose) and that it could play a lot more interpreters (all those here, in fact).

I have already compiled the interpreters on Windows, macOS and Linux, so I know that it is possible.

So would that be a good thing? Could that be added to Lectrote or should someone write a brand new app (that I could write, I suppose) ?

Nothing urgent of course, juste a thought that I had.

It’s possible. Lectrote now understands the idea of several interpreter choices for a given game type. (Currently there’s a Glulx terp choice in the preferences dialog.)

Adding a remglk option would require the interpreter to launch a background process, but this should be doable through node.

Feel free to take a look at it. I probably won’t have time in the next several months.

Another option than invoking RemGlk binaries as a separate process would be to make a Node native add-on. But either way, using RemGlk binaries means maintaining three builds for each platform. Better, I think, to compile to WebAssembly for Lectrote so that we don’t need to worry about platform specific details. The performance should be mostly comparable.

If anyone would like to add extra VMs to emglken that would be very welcome.