A TADS3/adv3 module for handling failure messages involving actors not in scope

Easy-peasy. The important change is to the actorActionMessages module I posted about elsewhere. It already allowed creation of per-actor action messages, but it turns out that this kind of thing is a parser message. But it was easy enough to update the module to also support per-actor (and per-ActorState) parser message objects as well.

So we have to add a message object for Alice containing the behavior we want:

alice: Person 'alice' 'Alice'
        "She looks like the first person you'd turn to in a problem. "
        isHer = true
        isProperName = true
        personNotHere(a0, a1) {
                gMessageParams(a0, a1);
                "<q>{You a1/Him}?  Who's that?</q> {you/she a0} asks{s a0}. ";

…to get…

North Room
This is the north room.  There's another room to the south.

Alice is standing here.

>alice, give pebble to bob
"Bob?  Who's that?"  Alice askss.