A table entry printing bug? [I7]

I have a game randomly pulling action messages to print from a 2 dimensional table, and the very last entry always prints with a stray " in front of it.

I made a simple test case of this and the test case is doing it too. Have I discovered a new bug? (I have checked mantis and couldn’t see this one.)

Try the following demo. Just ‘z’ every turn and Jane will attack you with 1 of 9 random attacks from a 3x3 grid. The message at 3,3 (‘kicks’) always prints with a " in front of it. This still happens if I reduce the table to 1 row, or whether or not I print any more text after the message.

[code]“Jane, arsekicker” by Wade.

Dojo is a room.

Jane is in dojo.

Every turn:
say "Jane “;
let Y be a random number between 1 and 3;
choose row with an id of Y in Table of Offense;
let X be a random number between 1 and 3;
if X is:
– 1: say messageA entry;
– 2: say messageB entry;
– 3: say messageC entry;
say " you.”.

Table of Offense
id (number) messageA (text) messageB (text) messageC (text)
1 “throws” “nudges” “trips”
2 “flips” “pins” “karate chops”
3 “pokes” “tickles” “kicks”[/code]

I doesn’t happen to me.
Are you sure there’s not just a stray «’» before «kicks» in your code (like «"'kicks"»)?

Argh, I can’t believe it!

This test case, on its own, was definitely doing it in the Mac IDE. After I copy-pasted it back into the IDE from this topic, it’s not doing it anymore.

So I opened up my big project. It was still doing it. I then obliterated the trouble entry, retyped it, and now it’s not doing it.

Maybe something absolutely vile like the wrong kind of smart quote, copy-pasted from somewhere else. There was definitely no extra character. Anyway whatever it was, it’s buggered off. So hooray.

  • Wade