A specific version of "understand blank as blank"

Is there a way to modify the “understand blank as blank” to a very specific situation? Specifically, I’m hoping to make something like this possible:

Understand asking someone about "assignment/presentation/homework/schoolwork" as telling someone about "assignment/presentation/homework/schoolwork".

Maybe this is a situation for a “mistake”? (it doesn’t appear from the documentation that “mistakes” can reroute actions, but instead they just drop the player a note.)

I want to keep the “ask about” verb working as usual for every other topic of conversation, but wondered if there’s a quick way to redirect the response in that very specific query about “assignment/presentation/homework/schoolwork”.

Seems like the simplest thing would just be an Instead rule, no?

Instead of asking someone about "homework/assignment/schoolwork":
	Try telling the noun about "homework" instead.

Ah! Try wasn’t something in my toolbox so I didn’t know that was a re-route option. I’ll have to go off and learn more about it for next time I need something like this. Thanks!

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Awesome, glad that helps – I’m a bit of an Inform newbie myself (you can tell by the fact that I included an “instead” at the end of the Try command, despite this all being in an Instead rule, which is pointless) so wasn’t sure if I was missing something! The documentation has details on Try – and Try Silently, which might also be of interest – here.