A sound machine in Inform7

I’m not sure if I’m coding or building correctly, so I’m asking here for someone to help me out. I’m thinking of a single room with mysterious machine which bears several colored buttons. Each button produces a different sound. When a button is pressed, a text description of the noise should be displayed and an .aiff file should be played.

The purpose of this is to get a zblorb using sound that I know works correctly for learning some things about Inform7 and more urgently, to get Blorb correctly working with Frotz. There’s that old spy1.blb file, which is okay, but I suspect it doesn’t comply with the latest Blorb specification.

Inform 7 only supports multimedia in Glulx.

Well, I somehow managed to create a zblorb that plays a single sound when the game starts, at least in the internal interpreter.