A scripted conversation in Inform 7

I’m working on my first little game, an adaptation of an old fairytale. The story takes the player through a series of events that are set off by talking to NPCs. I’m unsure of how to go about this.

By the time of the first event, the player will be in 1) a specific location, 2) have a score of 15 and 3) be in possession of 2 items to selve the puzzle in the first encounter/event.

So I’m now pondering how to “start” the encounter with the NPC. From reading about conversations/dialogue in IF, I’ve grasped that what I’m aiming for is a “scripted dialogue” probably using the (dreaded?) talk-to technique.

Can someone give me a push towards a start with this? I know it’s a fairly open question, and I apologize for that (in advance).

I’m not 100% sure what you’re trying to do, but maybe this will at least give you a start:

[code]A thing can be talkative or nontalkative. A thing is usually nontalkative.
Every thing has a table name called the comment table.

Talking to it is an action applying to one thing.
Understand “talk to [thing]” as talking to it.

Check talking to it when the noun is nontalkative:
say “[The noun] [aren’t] likely to answer you.” instead.

Carry out talking to it:
repeat through the comment table of the noun:
if there is a comment entry:
say “[The noun] [say], ‘[comment entry]’[line break]”;
blank out the whole row;
stop the action;
say “[The noun] [have] nothing left to say to you.”.

Place is a room.

Angie is a woman in Place. Angie is talkative. The comment table of Angie is Table of Angie’s Comments.

Table of Angie’s Comments
“Hello there. I’m Angie.”
“Nice weather we’re having.”[/code]

*Edited to change “says” to “[say]” to allow for plural-named talkative things.

A start is all I’m looking for.

Excited to try this when I get home!