A scope question

I’ve got code like this in my game:

After deciding the scope of the player while location is Tower: place the contents of Below Tower in scope.

This works fine, so that if you’re standing in the tower, you can see people who are below the tower.

There’s one thing that I don’t want to experience while I’m up in the tower, though, which is reports of the arrivals and departures of characters in ‘Below Tower’.

I don’t know how to phrase the ‘place the contents’ line to chop out actor movement reporting from below tower, though.

I could hack the ‘Report an actor going (this is the describe room gone into rule):’ rule, but I thought there might be a one line solution in the area of scope. Thanks.

I don’t think you can handle it with scope, because you want those NPC to be in scope, right? You just don’t want to be notified of their arrivals. Something like:

First report an actor going (this is the other describe room gone into rule): if location of the actor is not location of the player: do nothing instead.
(Which I did not test.)

Thanks Victor. That didn’t quite work in my game, as I have a lot of funny report rules (it made some people’s entries and exits invisible even in the player’s room), but what you did show me was where I could conveniently put the code I will need to use to achieve what I want.