A Question Regarding Crystal Caverns - Classic Text Adventure From 1982

Does anyone know if it is possible to recharge the lamp or find an alternative light source in the above game from the Hayden Book Company? Given the size of the game the light daemon for the lamp seems parsimonious. Thanks.

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I think it was just a case of very carefully working out when you need to turn it on and off to make sure it lasted the game. Not that unusual at the time, but as you say the map was large.

There was a power pack in the game, I think, just quickly checking the solution although I’m not sure I’ve seen anything that suggests how to use it.

Hmm. The Book of Adventure Games does suggest that the power pack is used to recharge the lamp.


Interesting AG thanks. I tend not to look at walkthroughs so it is very helpful… All I need to do now is locate the power pack!

That’s probably a good thing as most of the games that you play are so obscure that they don’t have walkthroughs. :wink:

The solution does seem to indicate that, by careful turning on and off of the torch, it will survive long enough even without the power-pack, but I imagine that locating it will take off some of the pressure before you have worked out the optimal path (particularly factoring in the maze).

As an old time player of Acheton I am used to switching lamps on and off, only for them to run out in sight of the climax. It is an annoyance but at least it’s realistic I suppose. I must publish a list of the ten most obscure pieces of IF I have played over the years.

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Well I’ll be blowed I’ve found the power pack. I take it all back what a very fair game this is :slight_smile:

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