A Question about You and Yours

Okay, this is something that I’ve been wondering about for quite some time. I understand that using {You/He} or {You/She} is encouraged so that, with a flick of the wrist, “You Jump on the trampoline” can become “Bob jumps on the trampoline”, or even “I jump on the trampoline.” My question is, is there a way to get a {You/He} that only refers to the player?

See, sometimes I use {You/He} because an action might be performed by either the player or an NPC, and sometimes I use it because I figure I might suddenly decide to make the game 3rd person past tense or whatnot. How does Tads3 differentiate between those two cases, especially if I’m liberally sprinkling it into descriptions and conversations?

I remember getting tripped up by this once, but it was so long ago, that I can’t give a real example. All I can say is that, sometimes, my code looks a bit like this:

manorHouse : Room 'Manor House'
    "{You/She} {is} in the famous Manor House of Sir Cuthbert Snobbington.  A portrait of {the ghost/her} hangs on the wall,
     and its eyes seem to follow {you/her} across the room. "

+me : Actor 'lady/detective/agatha' 'Lady Agatha Crumbsworthy, P.I.'
    "{You/She} {is} fashionably dressed, as ever. "

++necklace : Wearable 'necklace/heirloom' '{your/her} necklace'
    "{Your/Her} great grandma gave this to {you/her} many years ago, and you treasure it always.
    isProperName = true
    ownedBy = me

So how would I make sure there’s a distinction between times when {You/He} means either “You” or “an NPC”, and times when it means either “You”, “Me”, or “PC’s Name”?

One way would be to give the player character a globalParamName and then use that:

+me : Actor 'lady/detective/agatha' 'Lady Agatha Crumbsworthy, P.I.'
    "{The me/she} {is} fashionably dressed, as ever. "

     globalParamName = 'me'

Really? I had no idea that would function differently from {You/He}. Thanks! :smiley: