A problem with region properties

Currently for an item, I have this set up:

The description of the watch is "Besides telling the time, the face of the watch changes in accordance to nearby magical energies. It's currently [if the player is in a mystical region]a vibrant green - It's picking up a faint buzz.[else if the player is in a magical region]a deep blue, there's a strong magical force in the area.[else if the player is in a demonic region]blood red. Bad things are happening here.[else]a milky white - There isn't anything noticeable here."

With regions either being normal, mystical, magical, or demonic (defaulting to normal).

But it never seems to pick up on the region properties, wherever I test it, it defaults to the else statement.

Try “regionally in” instead of “in.” (See section 6.11 of Writing with Inform; if you don’t have the name of a specific region after the “in,” then Inform doesn’t know that you want to check the regions the player is in rather than a room/container that directly contains the player.)

Aha, that worked, thanks.