A Poll about your OS

Just to be curious, what OS/devices do you use to play IF? Personally I never use any mobiles, I stick to Windows / OSX just for typing/reading convenience, but who knows, maybe there are others more common now…?

  • Windows
  • OSX
  • Linux
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Browsers (Web)
  • Retro (C64/Amiga/Atari …)

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For the “retro” category, are you interested in separating (or restricting to) one of “real” vs. emulated hardware?

Is a Linux user playing an Apple ][ game on an emulator playing on “Linux” or “retro” in this question?


IMHO, there is a difference between retro hardware vs emulator. I currently have a Z80 based retro machine and a C64. I had to give up on an old Apple ][ that gave out on me. I’m still trying to restore a Timex/Sinclair 1000. (I used to sell the Timex in a bookstore venture.)

I hope that doesn’t make me a cork sniffer. :wink:


No I think it makes no difference between playing on real hardware or emulators the restrictions are mostly the same.

Weeeeell … ideally, and some of the time.

On the other hand, emulators can introduce bugs of their own that aren’t in the original hardware, Some games that worked on the original hardware can be unplayable on (one or more) emulators. At the same time, emulators can remove restrictions easily enough: I’ve seen plenty of people talking about how glad they are they don’t have to wait for the floppy disk to spin for thirty to sixty seconds every time they enter a new room. Too, running old code at a much higher speed on modern hardware is sometimes good and sometimes breaks games that use timing loops.

But of course it depends on what your motives are for asking. :slight_smile:

You’re indeed right, but I’m just curious what the preferences of most players might be – the background is I had a tester for my game who played only on his mobile and he seemed to have more problems as the others, maybe there’s an interpreter bug, who knows? If the majority of the players are on mobiles then it’s worth to spend more time testing the games on these devices.


Wow, that is a lot of Linux users given the ~2% overall market share that I’ve seen elsewhere. I’m on Linux myself.


I’ve been mostly playing this year’s web-based choice-ish Comp games on a tablet (Chromebook Pixel Slate) and I’ve found it a better experience than playing them on a laptop or desktop. The glulx and zcode games I’ve played in git and bocfel on my Linux laptop.


You know I play mostly on Android also Retrogaming in Android with emulators.


I voted Linux and Android, but the truth is I’ve been using mostly FreeBSD for the last couple of years.
What I never do is play any game in a browser, online or locally.


IOS, as in Cisco Routers? That sounds rather more exotic than iOS, which is Apple’s mobile device OS!


Sorry I meant iOS. I’m still refusing to use this silly notation from Apple.
Edit: I can’t edit the poll since it’s older than 5 minutes now.

I am one of the few people in this world who sees IOS and immediately thinks of turn-of-the-millennium networking hardware. I’m told Apple even paid for the Trademark rights at some point.

Just a bit of goofy tech pedantry!


Curious? How many of the Linux users are RPi Raspbian based?


I use RPi. How are you going to know how many Raspberry Pi users out there? Why don’t you make a new poll, just to count it?

BTW, a Build Hat just came out that interfaces with Lego Spike. I’m a getting rid of my Mindstorm EV3.


linux, always linux…

when i first discover a game, i tend to try it out on my laptop. and if i reeallly like it and decide that i’m going to be playing for days, then it’s time to whip out kterm on my ereader :crazy_face:


There’s not really any 'terp that I feel comfortable with yet :confused: WindowsFrotz is sufficient, but I’m really surprised I haven’t discovered a terp with full built in mapping and note taking.

On the retro side I play on a Psion 5mx (excellent keyboard for a mobile device) and on C64 emulator because the resolution / font / colours are comfortable.

Good idea.

BTW thank you for the top on Lego Spike. I need to set up my oldest son. He is a second year school teacher and is a Lego fanatic. He might have fun!

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Doffs his hat and marks a minute’s silence for the departed retrocomputer.

I sometimes I get excited when I see that some software is “available for Linux”… until I discover they mean “x86 binary” :sleepy:
Of course, a lot of IF runs under an interpreter that’s available for x86 and ARM.