A note about spoiler tags

I’ve noticed that spoiler tags on the new forum don’t work across paragraph breaks. I’m not sure if this is something that can be fixed, but it’s something for posters to be aware of.

Does this apply to new spoilers or only to ones that were previously posted? It seems as though the transition broke multiparagraph code and quote tags as well–that’s something we hope to be able to fix soon.

It happened to a post I made on the old forum a couple of days ago, but when I tried to edit it, I found that I still couldn’t place a set of spoiler tags around more than one paragraph (at least, it didn’t work in the preview window.) Perhaps if I’d deleted the original tags completely and retyped them, it might have done.

That is true, but you can also highlight multi-paragraph text, click the gear on your post and “hide details” to fold away a longer section of text that spans line breaks.

Like this

Here are hidden multi-paragraphs.

You can change the text between quotation marks to update the header.

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That might be worth putting in a FAQ somewhere, as it’s much closer to the old spoiler behavior anyway.

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I pinned a topic in the Hints category.