A newbie question about status line colour

I understand that the status line is supposed to be reversed colour, but when I “release with website and an interpreter” and try to play in browser, I get an ugly beige colour that’s not reversed at all. I even tried Glulx Status Window Control to change the colour, but it seems to ignore it and give me the ugly beige colour anyway. If I play the file with an interpreter on my computer (gargoyle) the status line works fine, but I’d like the play in browser functionality.

It’s too bad that Quixe’s text grid windows don’t respond to color hints (which is what Glulx Status Window Control sets). You will need to edit the css file for your game to get the color scheme you’re after. You can find out what to change and which file it’s located in by using the Firebug plugin for Firefox, or the built-in developer tools for Safari, Chrome, or (I think) IE 8 or 9.

Ah thanks

I worked it out. In case anyone else is wondering, the file is “glkote.css”, but I had to go into:
Program Files/Inform 7/Inform 7/Extensions/Reserved/Templates/Quixe
and edit it directly from there, otherwise it will just overwrite it when I release

and the setting was .GridWindow