A new way to interact

Please sign my IF petition:
gopetition.com/petitions/a-n … -game.html
Spread the word (and petition link) so we can get someone to make a new type of interpreter.
Thank you.

“We want an IF (Interactive Fiction) interpreter for our cell phones. Multiplayer would be even better.”

I have an IF interpreter for my cell phone. In fact, I have several of them, of which two are open-source.

iOS has two I know of, Android has a few dozen, idk about Windows Phone but you should at least be able to play online ones…

As for using a bluetooth headset, look into Microsoft’s default speech recognition.

[color=olive]>Multiplayer IF interpreter
Those exist?

Historically, multiplayer IF = a MUD, though those generally went in a more MMORPG-like direction. A more recent offshoot is Guncho, but I don’t think that ever quite took off.

(Or, if by ‘multiplayer IF interpreter’ you mean ‘a game designed for single-player, set up in such a way that various people can enter commands in the same play session’, there are various bots, most notably the ifMUD’s Floyd (used for ClubFloyd).

IF can only really work on mobile if you don’t need to type anything. like Walker & Silhouette or that recent game by Jon Ingold…

so, an interpreter that could automatically offer a list of verbs, inventory, directions and objects in context as icons should be a blessing for all IF on mobile…

would this be possible?

I immediately assumed he didn’t mean MUDs, because there are EIGHT DOZEN OF THOSE ON THE iOS AND ANDROID MARKETS TOO.

I think the thrust of the petition is not so much towards IF interpreters in general, but towards speech recognition/speech output.

Still a surefire way of playing to piss off people around you, I’m afraid, though.


iOS has voice recognition built into the virtual keyboard, if you’re on a sufficiently recent device. (iPad 3, iPhone 4S, I think.) It should work on anything.

Speech output will work if the app designer makes an effort to support it. iOS Frotz and my Fizmo framework do. (Activision appears to have completely ignored it, shame on them.)

Not sure who you’re going to send that petition to, or will somebody just magically create what you want if you get enough signatures?

Anyway if you want speech recognition, trying playing anything online at www.textadventures.co.uk using Chrome (as Chrome’s speech recognition is currently beta, you do need to put on a bit of an American accent if you don’t already have one)

Oh and some games you can play on your smartphone without having to type www.textadventures.co.uk/apps

Seems like my petition isn’t needed. If I ever get a smart phone, I’ll try to check your links out. Maybe the speech to text/text to speech feature in a computer interpreter is what I want.

Anyway, Thank you.