A new Interactive Fiction Top 50?

Victor Gijsbers’ Interactive Fiction Top 50 survey is turning 4 years old this fall, and some interesting developments in the IF landscape have happened since then. I’d be very interested to see a repeat of the project; Victor expressed some interest in running one back in May, but hasn’t been active recently.

Is there enough interest to make it worthwhile? If no one else wants to take up the project, I’m happy to run it myself, although someone more well-known might be better.

wouldn’t change much

Depends. A lot has happened since 2011 - from Taco Fiction to Counterfeit Monkey to the Twine revolution.

At any rate, the original was more about fostering discussion of classic games than coming to an Eternal Conclusion.

You’re right. Hardly any IF has been released in the last 4 years.

Victor said, in his original post:

This sounds hugely beneficial, in the short- and long- run for the community.

I’ll make this happen! Does anyone think it is a bad idea to do this now, the traditional time of the XYZZY awards? (I don’t know when they’re happening, the website seems to be pretty silent.)

I don’t think so, they’re really quite different anyway.