A New Homage To Zork (As If We Needed One)

Painless Little Stupid Games #9 is now available for betatesting. “Zork LXIX: The Great Underground Hot Dog”–well, the title speaks for itself. Play the game on your interpreter from w3.cnm.edu/~mrblonde/plsg.htm.

Please let me know of any bugs at:

payyasi at hotmail dot com (symbols for words).

I tried to link to the Parchment version; after clicking on the name of the game from the list, I got a screen that said “Parchment
is an interpreter for Interactive Fiction, and now plays both Z-Machine and Glulx stories! Find out more.” It never opened the game itself. Am I doing something really dumb?


Robert Rothman

It works OK with me! Just a few seconds after that screen you mention Parchment loads the game and I can play with no problem (Firefox 3.6.3 under Windows 7)

I’ve had trouble with it under Internet Explorer, but not Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Sorry if you can’t access the Parchment version. It’s not a big download!

I’ve had this problem before and assumed it was a browser thing, but if you’ve used Parchment before on [whatever browser] then I guess it must be something more mysterious…

I see the message a fraction of a second while the game is loading, but then the game replaces it.

I played the game today.
Sending a transcript and thoughts via email soon.