A kind "has a number" causes problems

The following source code will cause problems in the latest release of Inform:

[code]“Reduced testcase”

A foo is a kind of thing. A foo has a number.
The Bar is a room.[/code]
Specifically, this causes problem messages about the Standard Rules; even more specifically, any time the standard rules use the construction “number of things” (as in “'if the number of things in H is […]” which is an actual quote from the standard rules).
This behavior was also present in the October release of Inform (not a regression).
I wasn’t sure if this counts as a bug, since you can just do this:

A foo has a number called its baz.

And then it will work. (Looks like a workaround to me, but I’m not very experienced with Inform…)

It seems like a bug since it is inconsistent with

A foo has a text.

Which works just fine (but is a different kind of value).

It also seems to me that the standard rules shouldn’t break that easily.

I did search for this, but the search function doesn’t like the words “kind” and “number”, so it was kind of difficult; if this has been discussed before I’m sorry. :blush:

Technically, I guess this may be a bug in the compiler, but your test code would not lead to a useful game, because you have no way of referring to the number of the foo. If you replace your second sentence with:

A foo has a number called zap.

…the game compiles, and you can refer to the zap of a foo in your code.


No, that’s a bug, if for no other reason than misleading problem messages. Interesting that “number” causes a slew of errors, “text” none, and “device” a single irrelevant problem.

Can you report this at www.inform7.com/bugs/ please?

Reported, thanks for the assessment.