A Killer Headache: testers wanted for IFComp 2012

Oh dear, where did the time go? Two weeks left!

I’ve had “alpha” testers for several months now, but I always meant to go on and do a “beta” phase.

So I think this game is already in pretty good shape, but I’d really like to have one or two dedicated testers to give it a good hard knock around the block. It’s heavy on story and characters, but some of the puzzles are a bit tough. It may be over the 2 hour limit, but there are hints. There are zombies, bad words, dismemberment, and frank talk about theology.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, send me a PM!



Thanks to those who responded. I’m all set now!

That is so 2010! /snark

Best of luck, good to see someone with so many contributions having something (soon) ready to go.

Yeah, that’s when I started working on it!