A Killer Headache Release 3 available

Happy new year everyone!

I wanted to put out Release 3 before the end of 2012, but I’m afraid I have failed in that goal unless you live west of Chicago.

Version 3, full size cover art, and slightly updated walkthrough can be found here:


More specifically:


Version 3 addresses many complaints in reviews and many snags found in transcripts. But the heart of the game is still as sadistic as it always was. Enjoy!

Looks like you made it by 7 minutes. That, or my time zone setting’s wrong. Either way, nice going!

Is there anything specific you want testers to concentrate on? E.g. typos, possible parser shortcuts, etc.? Or are there any things it’d be good for 1 person to hit really hard?

Although I’m always grateful for testing, I mainly posted here as a “game announcement.”

Having said that, if there are typos, runtime errors, or horrendous parser failures, I’d certainly like to know about them. What I fear most is weird game states that I didn’t anticipate. So if you want to hit it really hard, be my guest! Type some vague or ambiguous commands and search for unlikely pathways through the world.

Oops. I was in testing mode for some reason there. Possibly because I was fixing my own bugs and figured others were too.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you were able to do with the puzzles. I know you mentioned there was a ton you wanted to do & I hope to mess with them.

The walkthrough also looks nice and polished, so 1) I think that’ll be great for those who just want to see the esthetics you may’ve tweaked 2) yay good first impressions.