A hypothesis:

After Adam Sommerfield announced ParserComp everybody started pulling their parser -pieces out of Spring Thing, happy to have some extra time to spit-and-shine their games.
Meanwhile Chin Kee Yong, who was in cahoots with Adam Sommerfield all along, rubbed his hands together while going “Mouaahahahaa…”

(Every excuse is good enough to use the phrase “in cahoots”. The same is true for “cleft in twain”.)

[edit] “…rubbed his hands together…” is based on unsubstantiated presuppositions about Chin Kee Yong’s gender. See more lower in this thread, where Victor Gijsbers rubs my nose in this in the most friendly but decisive way.


I had noticed the lack of parser games in Spring Thing and wondered if this was because of Parser Comp. If the latter continues this might become a trend.


With the number of competitions running at the moment, this kind of selection seems inevitable. There can’t be that many authors working in the genre. Still the fact that Spring Thing, IF Comp, ParserComp, Ectocomp, PunyJam and Adventuron jams all appear viable shows that the IF niche, relatively small though it may be, is a pretty healthy one right now.


Do I learn from your post that Chin Kee Yong is a ‘him’, or are you guessing? :grinning:

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Worse than guessing.

The “his” popped out based on vague and only half-conscious presuppositions. Thanks for pointing it out.

So, @chinkeeyong, sorry for unthinkingly slapping a gender on you.

[edit] Also; “Mouahahahaaa…” has a deep bass rumble in my head. Maybe that contributed to my mental image.


@Rovarsson: Don’t worry about it, use whatever pronouns you prefer :blush:


Very well, “fla” and “flars” it is.


Well, but which do you prefer? :smiley:


@VictorGijsbers Where I live, issues of gender and sexuality are still a controversial topic. I hope you understand when I ask you not to worry about pronouns and judge me by my art, not who I am.


Absolutely! And I apologise if my question was too pushy.


Of course your games are awesome.
If you think there are some issues with gender in english language, try to understand it in spanish: We have masculine, femenine and neutral pronoums and articles; and even more, we have many sustantives with a default spelling for both genders… and they, the names, are suffering violence everyday from people that are inventing, with poor originality, names for every gender and overmore.