A hollow voice booms out:

Six days before submission date!!!


I’m ironing the last crumples out of my game now. Really looking forward to this. Good luck to everyone taking part!


Me too. It feels like ironing a Brobdingnagian bedsheet with a Lilliputian steam iron. I think I’ll just about make it it time…


I envy all you folk that are ironing out the last crumples in your games :slight_smile: That day seems ages away for me… hopefully there’s a parser comp next year!


Me three. When this comp was announced, I thought I’d have plenty of time. Little did I know.

Now that my game has been play tested, I’m finding that the simplest little suggestion from a tester can turn into a coding nightmare of humongous proportions. Next time, I won’t procrastinate so much. (I’ll probably still procrastinate, just not so much.)


Judging by the amount of enthousiasm it generated, I’d say that’s pretty much a given.

Aaaand… now I’ve jinxed it.


I think those pesky play testers do it deliberately!


It has crossed my mind that IFComp might be more realistic… maybe IFComp 2022 :slight_smile:

I hope that was one of my suggestions!


Darn! They’re on to us!


Folks, if you need to, I won’t be offended if you choose to move your game over to IFComp if you need more development time?

Obviously I want you in ParserComp but don’t feel rushed.

Adam :+1:


They say a book’s never finished, only abandoned, and it feels the same here. ParserComp seemed ideal for a short first game, and still does :+1:


Happy to keep you! :grin::+1:


Likewise. I’m writing games for ParserComp and ParserComp it is.

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I am interested in submitting a Twine story and a short Inform7 puzzle to any competition, or just making either of them available to interested parties. How do I do that?

Another question for Adam! I’m very excited for the competition, but it’s hard to know if my game is officially entered or not since I marked it as ‘restricted’ and clicked ‘submit’. Can you see on your end if Grooverland by Mathbrush is entered?

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[not official advice]

In the top right of my game page (i.e. the landing/download page that itch serves you when you click “View game” but before you click “Run game”), I see:


I can also see it on my “My Submissions” page at https://itch.io/dashboard/jams.

The game itself is still Restricted - I plan to change it to Published at some point on Wednesday. Then I believe it will be visible on my creator page, but I won’t make a fanfare about it till the comp opens for judging on (I think) Thursday.


Thank you, this worked right away!


Thanks Robin, can I book you next year too for tech support please? :smiley:

Seriously though, thanks for jumping in and answering queries, much appreciated.



Ok, so… :slightly_smiling_face:

The short Inform 7 puzzle game, if its primary method of control is via a text parser, could be entered into ParserComp 2021 but it would need to have not been previously released. Public beta testing is fine, but any form of previous release would rule it out.

Here’s a link: ParserComp 2021 - itch.io

You would also need to move like the wind as ParserComp submissions window ends in a matter of days (2 to be precise). :slightly_smiling_face:

At this stage you may be better to consider entering into IFComp which is held later this year. You would also be able to enter your Twine game into IFComp.

Here’s a link for IFComp: https://ifcomp.org/

Finally, if you just want to make your games available to the masses then you have a few options!

Itch.io itself allows you to create a Creator page and you can upload your games to it. Itch.io is very well known now and is one of the places (alongside Steam, but Steam costs money) where the indie game devs market their games.

There is also IFDB: https://ifdb.org/

Hope this helps!

Adam :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


And coffee for all entrants who are going into the last straight line!

(Apparently, if you polish your game with a mixture of one part Colombian coffee grounds, one part bee’s wax and one part Grue milk, it has a certain distinguished oldschool-but-in-pristine-condition shine to it.)