A good "recent" spy thriller?

Does anyone know of a good IF spy thriller? A sci-fi theme is ok also, but I am looking for something written within the last year.

I don’t know whether a comic parody of a spy story fits your tastes, but if so, I hope to be ready to release The Spy Who Ate Lunch within the next few weeks. As to your futher specification that it be “good,” that remains to be seen.

Robert Rothman

There were no good thrillers released in 2011. That is to say, of the games released in 2011 on the IFDB, the only games that could be classed as thrillers received less than than three out of five stars on average. Unless Andomeda Awakening counts as a thriller qua thriller, rather than a science fiction thriller.

The following games were released this year within the science fiction genre and received at least 2.5/5 rating:

Andromeda Awakening - Thriller
The Binary - Time Travel
Calm - Postapocalyptic
Death of Shlig - Space/Humour
The Hours- Time Travel

I’m working on a detective murder mystery The Z-Machine Matter, set in the 1950s. It has some cold war espionage elements to it, but not really a James Bond type of spy thriller. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m happy to share it.

Is there any particular reason for applying the “in the last year” restriction? This community sees fairly few releases per year, so the odds of getting a particular genre in any given year are pretty low.

It took me a while to get back here, sorry.

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Ok, the Spy Who Ate Lunch, I read about the beta test, but I was not sure if I was up to something comedic, but I think I will be interested in it when it is released. Do you have an indepth description? Is there a homepage for the game?

As for “current”. There is alot of intrigue in the world today, so I was thinking of current events being the driving force behind a story. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it would be interesting. A sci-fi twist would be ok also.

I agree with the odds, the stories are spread out over alot of genre and randomly in the last 10 years. The last story I tried was City of Secrets, but I’m stuck at the moment so I put it off since I don’t like reading spoilers or walkthroughs. I tend to load up on games I don’t complete, so sometimes it does take me some time to catch up, but I do try to keep up with world events, which is the reason I mentioned about staying current.

I enjoyed “Inside Woman” by Andy Phillips (2009). It’s long, full of puzzles (sometimes a bit maddening though), and it’s a great story. More generally, I think this particular author has written quite a few thriller/spy IF, and good ones too, so you might want to check him out.