A few problims, please help!

I am a experienced interactive fiction coder, I’m using a new program that sounds like it might suit my needs better, inform, but I’m having a few problems. The 1st one is where an item is added directly to the players inventory, Ive tried and tried, but I cant get it to work. My 2nd problem; is that I’m trying to set up a timer that every 10 turns it spawns a certain object if there isn’t a copy of that object already there, I thought that the code was typed right, but i guess that I’m not even close. All help appreciated, thanks.

For the first one, you probably want the phrase “now the player carries [whatever the object is]”.

For the second, if you show us what you have written so far, it’ll be easier for us to help you sort it out.

To do something every tenth turn, you can use an Every Turn rule that checks the turn count: Every turn when the remainder after dividing the turn count by 10 is 0: say "a 10th turn!".

It sounds as though you would want the Dynamic Objects extension by Jesse McGrew, which lets you create objects at run time.