A Few Good Testers Needed

I’m about 3 days away from having an IFComp game ready to test. It’s a TADS 3 game, not too long, several NPCs you can talk to, 15 or so puzzles.

It’s currently runnable from start to finish (I’ve tested that), but I want to flesh it out a bit before I send it out for testing. If you don’t have an installed TADS interpreter, I can arrange for you to test it in a Web browser, but I’m not sure a transcript can be created in that scenario, and I’m a big fan of tester transcripts. If you want to go the browser route, I’ll have a look at the transcript functionality.

If you’ve ever written and/or tested a parser-based game, mention that. I haven’t yet added any clickable links, and I may not add them, so experience with Twine and its cousins would be less useful for testers.

I can help with testing.
Played a lot parser games.

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Thanks for volunteering. I have a couple of active testers now. If I decide I need another, I’ll definitely keep you in mind.