A dialog builder for Threaded Conversation

Since both projects I’m currently working on rely heavily on the Threaded Conversation extension, and since writing things by hand correctly sucks, I’ve spent a few hours building an interface that somewhat simplifies the process.

The major limitation is that currently, a quip can only be set to follow one single other quip. I may change that in the future, but I am also very lazy, so I may not do that.

Anyway, feel free to use it, and let me know if you encounter any bugs: Dialog Builder


This looks really good, thanks for putting it together. I like the way you can add quip after quip without having to delete/ overwrite the previous one.

I’ve used the extension “Conversation Builder” and I noticed that extension automatically fiddled with some of the input to avoid reserved words in Inform. I can’t remember them all, but for example it used to replace “has” with “hath” in the code (not the character dialog) to avoid the compiler choking on some common constructions.

Yeah, that’s what the printed name input is for, avoiding errors when quips contain “is” out start with “a / the”.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Could you add a note to the interface page? I think it would be really annoying to write a load of quips and then not have them compile because the author didn’t know about that issue. (I had no idea how to fix it until CB fixed it for me!)

Also (first enhancement request with the app less than 24 hours old! :laughing: ) Could you add a box for the “mentions” relation?

TC is a fabulous extension, thanks for making it more accessible.

Done and done :slight_smile:

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I’ve added two new fields, because I didn’t want to manually edit seven whole quips:

  • Availability, which adds an availability rule to the form and output (in the form, rules are separated by new lines; in the output, tabs are added too)
  • Report, which allows actions to be added as the NPC discusses a quip (same tab rules as above); this comes with a bonus “continue the action”.
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That’s really great, thanks! (I feel late night code bingeing coming on.) :+1:

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I’ve encountered a whole bunch of bugs, which have now been squished (adding a whole bunch of new, exciting bugs in the process, no doubt)

The biggest change so far is, from a mechanical standpoint, a new checkbox that will change a quip’s name to a-quip-s-name to prevent some weirdness I’ve encountered.

And I’m really glad you enjoy my app :slight_smile:

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LOL. That’s coding for ya. The digital version of whack a mole.

Oh, that’s what the “dash?” box meant. The my-variable-name style is often called “kebab case,” which always makes me smile. Good idea, anyway.

I noticed that first line’s getting a bit crowded though.

Quip names are often quite long, since they’re designed to double as conversation hints, e.g.: “You could ask Dr Hoozit about the giraffe’s mustache, the smell in the monkey house or the Amphibious Susquatch” and I noticed that my “off the top of my head” testing quips were already getting their names clipped because the box couldn’t expand enough to show the full name.

It’s no biggie, your app still works, it’s just that I tend to make more typing mistakes when I can’t see the whole word or phrase.

Thanks for putting in the grift, anyway. One of the things I like about this community is the way that people build tools to help each other along.

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You know what, you’re right about the layout. I’ve changed it.

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Hey, that’s really good, thanks.

I’ve noticed that if I’m able to use the naming style in the ordinary way: “if he knows the way to the zoo”, “if dogs are related to wolves”,“the uses of aniseed”, then the list of quips down the right hand side of the page naturally forms a comprehensible conversation thread/plotline. Neat!

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…And three new changes:

  • First, if using the printed name, it now removes the words “a”, “an”, “it”, “of”, “and”, “the”, “that”, “she”, “her”, “he”, “him”, and “his” from the understand and replaces any spaces with slashes, so you get something like Understand "thing / told / about" as the-thing-that-he-told-her-about.
  • Secondly, there are now checkboxes in the listing on the right-hand side; unchecked items will not show up in the output
  • Finally, if you want to start over, there’s a big red button that deletes everything
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