A certain kind of game from the last few years

I was just thinking about three games:


1958: Dancing With Fear

Ariadne in Aeaea

These are three games from the last year that were all successful. They all have the following in common:

  • They can be completed in less than an hour

  • They are thoroughly bug-tested

  • They have deep implementation and many small details

  • They have puzzles, but only light ones that serve the narrative.

I like this kind of game, and I’d like to compile a list of them. I thought of doing it on IFDB, and I probably will later, but I wanted to hear what other people thought. Do you know of any more games like this? I feel like some of Ryan Veeder’s games are this way. What others are out there?

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‘Tethered’ by Linus Åkesson.

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Yes, that’s perfect! That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for.


You can also check out my app Gamebook. Stories are short and bug free :wink:

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