7 TADS multimedia games bundled with their resources

Heya. This is just a quick heads-up: with the very kind help of Michael Roberts I’ve extracted the multimedia resources from all the TADS games that have them in separate files and bundled them together into their respectives .GAM files.

The games in question are Arrival, Kaged (comp and post-comp), Threnody, Six Stories, Jarod’s Journey, Adventures of Helpfulman and Generic NY Apartment Building. Yep, those are the only games that actually had external resource files.

As to the why, well, TADS is coming to iFrotz. It really, really is. I have a copy of it that actually plays vanilla TADS games (no hyperlink support on the version I have, but I know it’s being looked into). It’ll be here sooner rather than later.

And any iOS app is going to have a real problem with story files that rely on external files that are not created by the app itself. I mean, if I load Alabaster or Kerkerkruip, their configuration is created by the app and managed within the app. That’s ok. But these separate external files? Problem.

So, I’ve bundled them together and am uploading them to the archive. I’ll update their IFDB pages and post the links here when that process is finished.

For the time being the games are here:


It’s done, and David Kinder has, very… er… kindly updated the .zip files where appropriate.

So this is where you can get the bundled versions, also updated in their IFDB pages:

Arrival - mirror.ifarchive.org/if-archive/ … rrival.zip
Threnody - mirror.ifarchive.org/if-archive/ … renody.zip
Six Stories - ifarchive.org/if-archive/games/c … undled.gam
Jarod’s Journey - ifarchive.jmac.org/if-archive/ga … undled.gam
Adventures of Helpfulman - mirror.ifarchive.org/if-archive/ … lpgam1.zip
Generic New York Apartment Building - ifarchive.jmac.org/if-archive/ga … undled.gam
Kaged - ifarchive.jmac.org/if-archive/ga … undled.gam

A note about Kaged - it’s the competition version. I did bundle the post-comp version, because it seemed to run splendidly with the existing resources, but since it states very plainly that it’s shareware and because of that it does notcome with any music included… it did not seem right to make it publicly available. So a bundled (still shareware) post-comp version can be made by anyone, I guess, but I’m not going to distribute it myself.

Any reason why Max Blaster and Doris de Lightning Against the Parrot Creatures of Venus wasn’t included in this?

Damnation! I never thought to look for .3r0 files!

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll get it done straight away. “BattleSim Demo” is the only other TADS game that uses those files.

Bleckt. Er, Nathan, could you give me a set of commands that’ll lead to the first instance where an image is shown in Max & Doris? For testing purposes. There’s no cover image, nothing in the intro, no X ME images…

I’ve never played it before, but I just tried it out. It shows a title screen graphic right at the end of the intro.

There’s also Tomorrow Never Comes, which has its resource file hidden inside a ZIP. Maybe there are others like that.

Edit: I’ve also found Escape from a Planet Filled with Monkeys! and Fusillade, and if you know how to extract the story file from a Windows executable, there’s Nothing But Mazes.

I’m truly vexed right now. No, it’s not that it’s in a zip file, what’s happened is that when I first did this I thought the files started at .rs1.

So when I did a global search in my folder, those were the games I got. :stuck_out_tongue: Naturally, doing a search for .rs0, and additionally of course .3r0, I got - whaddayaknow - more hits.

Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. I’ll look this over in the next few days.

BTW, no, I can’t extract the story from a Windows executable; to my mind, if the author so desperately wanted to have a non-portable file, they can have it. It’ll go in the “Windows” section of my collection.

Okay, Max Blaster will have to wait; it’s T3 and the tool MJR kindly supplied me doesn’t seem to like it. But in the meantime, the following are being uploaded into the archive right now:

British Fox 2 (AIF)
Tomorrow Never Comes (AIF - but by all accounts, the good stuff!)
A Night with Dr. Crusher (AIF)
French Mansion (AIF)
Escape from a planet filled with monkeys!

The AIF ones (excluding TNC) are not on IFDB, much to my intense lack of surprise. You might argue, successfully, that they deserve to be left forgotten, like so much debris floating around the coast of Knowledge, barely within sight of such lush and vibrant greenery that holds Worlds Apart and Babel and 1893. But there is always a place for muck in the grand scheme of things; is not compost the very foundation of the greenery? Can you possibly arrive at a great game without the existance of some sub-par attempts? Could you, in fact, have Make It Good without having had Detective? (Answer: probably, and it has nothing to do with AIF anyway, so why did I even bring it up?)

Thus it is, ladies and gentlemen, that I present you you AIF titles with image files. Tremble. Quiver. And don’t open them at work.

Now I’ll go take a pill, or something, and lie down. Too much excitement.

What I would argue is that probably they’re not on IFDB because no one ever made an entry for them.

Er, ah, hmmm, that too, that too. :slight_smile:

(should I argue that maybe no one ever made an entry for them because they slipped under the radar being AIF? Nah…)

Please read the above as tongue-in-cheek. :slight_smile:

What about Journey from an Islet? Its graphics are just .jpg files, instead of .rs0. Can the tool handle those?

Bless your thoroughness, I think it can. :slight_smile: Well spotted. I’ll start looking for .wav, .mid, .bmp, .jpg and .png files as well.

Or, I’ll just give it up and open every folder of a TADS game I have and do it manually. Given how much I’ve missed already, that’s probably best. :slight_smile:

Ok, so the ones I mentioned before are already up at ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archive … essed.html. I’ll update IFDB where/when necessary as they get sorted.

And I’ll get to work on the others.

Thanks Peter!

My pleasure. :slight_smile:

I’m going to have to make some educated guesses. Drool, for instance, does use external images - done. Ecdysis only had the one cover image - done, too. Exhibition has images which are clearly feelies and has pre-bundled resources - I’m not doing anything to that one. Fog Convict appears to have feelies, and without actually playing the game I have to guess that that’s what they are (they are two maps and one cover image. The cover doesn’t display when you start the game and there’s no ABOUT text, and the walkthrough doesn’t reference any MAP object, nor does the command MAP do anything), so I’m not doing anything to that one either.

Basically, my point is, if there are still gaps once I’m finished, let me know. :slight_smile: I could bundle pretty much anything into a .gam file, just in case, but if the game doesn’t reference it it’s just bloating needlessly. And if the whole point of this exercise is to make it easier to mobile terps, then size is an issue.

“Frosty the Snow Man” comes with a “graphics” and a “sound” subdirectory, then proceeds to use neither. Even when I put the fame in the same directory as the media. Sigh. No point bundling this one…

Right, then. I think I’ve covered them all.

Hah. Famous last words. Still, let’s see.

I’ll be submitting them to the archive shortly. The newest additions, then, are:

Ecdysis (just the cover)
Journey from an Islet
Special Detective Agent
The Mist (nothing to do with the Stephen King story or licensed game. It is, in fact, AIF)
The Sex Artist

Games like “Frosty the Snow Man” and “Triune” got left behind because it didn’t look like the game was accessing the image files. I actually suspect Frosty was originally supposed to get the files from an online resource, based on a very old thread around this here place, and the version that was supposed to read the resources offline has typos or just plain bugs.

Max Blaster and BattleTech Demo will have to wait until I can extract files from .t3 resources, which has everything to do with Michael Roberts’ kindness and patience and putting together a tool that’ll allow me to do so (that guy is just plain awesome).

Eh, wouldn’t it be way easier to just implement zip support in the interpreter instead of doing this?