6Quest - a new brand of interactive fiction

Hey guys.

We are a Hungarian team of fantasy and interactive fiction anthusiasts. We have created our own game system and have written several stories in our native language that we are trying to bring to an international audience by collecting the translation fee on Kickstarter.

We have an introductory quest and six fully playable demos. You can check them out here: demo.6quest.com

You can learn more baout the project on our Kickstarter page:

We are interested in anything you have to say about our project, and are of course grateful for any support.

Having given it a very, very brief go, I just want to point out - kudos on including a savegame facility! Every game should have it, including CYOA.

Obligatory question - is there any way to download any given quest, demos, or complete game? For offline playing?

No, currently quests can only be played from a web-based interface for technical reasons. We are planning to develop a downloadable interface in the future, but it’s still a long way away.