6M62 - how to do something with an extensions project?

How do you get an extensions project to run or compile etc. in 6M62?

I’ve got a perfectly formatted extension in one such project, but all I can do is click ‘install’ to install it. The examples don’t show up in the dropdown window and there seems to be no button active that will compile it or do anything with it.


Lemme try it.

Hm. I tried “New Extension Project / From Install Extension” and selected Disappearing Doors (github.com/erkyrath/i7-exts/blo … 0Doors.i7x).

I wound up with “Test All” and the one example (“Prisoner of La-Z-Enda”) in the drop-down menu. I could then hit Test, or (when the example was selected) Go.

So it sounds like the problem is that it’s not recognizing your examples.

I also tried creating an extension from scratch (New Extension Project / New Extension). Seemed to work. When I had a complete example typed up, the popup updated to list it.

On the other hand, when I deleted the example, the popup did not drop it. When I renamed the example, it didn’t update until I hit the Test button.

Thanks. I think you’re right. It’s fiddly but I think I had an indent out of place.


I’ve been testing the syntax coloring, and I’ve found a couple of cases where the IDE and compiler disagree about indentation rules. This leads to inconsistent IDE behavior. (The example I filed last night is if you indent a section header line.)

It feels like pettifogging but it’s worth filing these.