6E59 is going live

The new build of Inform, 6E59, is now available for the Mac; other versions to follow soon.

The change log and downloads are available at


Windows version is now up.

Waiting on the .deb packages here…

Dammit, I was going to post that the Windows build is available :smiley:
I believe that Philip is having some computer troubles, which may mean that the Linux builds are a little delayed, sorry about that. Hopefully in a week or so they’ll be up.

Aw, you disabled F7 being a shortcut for Refresh Index in the Windows build? I used that all the time! It was a very quick way of checking whether the code I’d just written was legal!


I’m about halfway through the explanation of the new logo. [EDIT: Which may be what Graham spent most of the last year on. :slight_smile: ]

I am unreasonably thrilled with the new logo. After 2+ years of wrestling with this creative tool Inform 7, I had developed a kind of love/hate relationship with the old icon.

Suddenly, mosaics are cool now.

Er, I cannot get the build to run on my machine. I mean, I can run the IDE and all, but when I try to compile, I get an error when it’s handing off from Inform 7 to 6:

Inform 7 has finished.
-kE2SDwv8 +include_path=/Applications/Inform.app/Contents/Resources/Library/Natural,.,…/Source /Users/ronnewcomb/Desktop/test2.inform/Build/auto.inf /Users/ronnewcomb/Desktop/test2.inform/Build/output.z8
Launching: inform-6.31-biplatform “-kE2SDwv8” “+include_path=/Applications/Inform.app/Contents/Resources/Library/Natural,.,…/Source” “/Users/ronnewcomb/Desktop/test2.inform/Build/auto.inf” “/Users/ronnewcomb/Desktop/test2.inform/Build/output.z8”
2010-06-14 21:40:00.192 Inform[14334] *** NSTask: Task create for path /Applications/Inform.app/Contents/Resources/Compilers/inform-6.31-biplatform failed: 8, “Exec format error”.

Compiler finished with code 5[/code]

I tried making a new project and compiling, as well as opening an old (but small) project and compiling. Same thing.


I did some tidying up of the shortcuts - possibly rather too much tidying up. I’ll add that one back in.

Heh. Thanks. :smiley:

This appears to be the result of a slightly embarrassing error in the build creation. I quote from Graham’s email to a couple of other reporters of the problem:

So the good news is, if you download the build again, it should work now.


Me too, and I had to laugh about “I’m not sure what the metal claw-tool on Dashcode’s icon is, but I’m pretty clear that it does something permanent.” Well, it’s a t-square… (This is not to say that I haven’t felt the desire to cause permanent damage with one, but it’s not really the intended use.)

Thanks Em. I was panicking about still running 10.4 Tiger. :slight_smile:

Er, well, I got a brand new project to compile, but now I get:

Problem. An internal error has occurred: Bad index documentation reference. The error was detected at line 452 of "Chapter 3/Index File Services.w". This should never happen, and I am now halting in abject failure.

This is on TextFyre’s WIP, which is huge. Any chance of a quick-fix for this too?

FWIW, the same WIP compiled without problems on 6E36.

That, I’m afraid, I have no idea about, but an internal error is always bug report time.

Really stupid question, but what is the bug tracker’s URL? Can’t seem to find it anywhere…


Done. I’ll spend this evening trying to isolate the problem. (I presume I can edit my own bug report?) Hopefully I find a fix or workaround. In the meantime I asked Dave to try the same project on his Windows machine to see if it’s Mac specific or not.


Wouldn’t “bugs.inform7.com” make more sense?

inform7.com/bugs/ redirects to the same place, fwiw.

Computer troubles are indeed the reason. I’ll try to have them up on Saturday or Sunday.