69105 More Keys review?

I’m not sure I really got this game, or the original 69,105 Keys. I’m no math wizard, but simply choosing the most probable type of each attribute took me very quickly to the end. I ended up finishing both of them in about 10 minutes.

Although, I guess it would have taken 15 minutes had the following not happened (perhaps a bug?):

Complete transcript of room 69105b

Room 69105b
69,105 keys are littered all across the floor here. You can examine them all, or choose attributes to try to track down the ones that might fit the door.

x keys
There are 69105 total keys here. Each has four different defining attributes:

  • GROOVES can be double or single.
  • TEXTURES can be bumpy, rough or smooth.
  • FONTS can be Arial, Calibri, Cambria or Helvetica.
  • PATTERNS can be argyle, camo, dotted, floral, gingham, herringbone, houndstooth, paisley, pinstripe, tartan or tattersall.

But which combination of the four attributes will give you the unique key that will open the door?

x double
You see 23,035 such keys that fit the description. To see all adjectives, just type X.

x single
You found the right key in 2 moves! As you turn the key in the lock, you take a secret passage that winds around to…

Room 50196
You are in room 50196. Scratched below you see 69105A and an arrow pointing northeast and 69105B and an arrow pointing northwest.

You’re probably a math wizard, but that transcript looks like a bug.

Ouch. A bit late, but I fixed the bug. I do appreciate this.

There was an overflow error–you hit a special case where a number went over 32767. That’s fixed now.

Maybe I should’ve done things in glulxe, which would’ve eliminated that nonsense, but the game was small enough I thought it should be in z5.

I wanted to make the game somewhat replayable to help people try for a record and find a best strategy, and I wanted to be done with this game, but yes–there wasn’t enough in the game to push it out of the back garden.