30x30 — July Writing Challenge

I took a day off from writing since O2A2 begins tomorrow, but I wrote a small lore note for Oneironverse. Is is relevant in the long run? Not really. But this is just how I work: sometimes, I will think of things just for the funsies.

abrott (abrottess, abrottin)
(Aarlish, noun)

  1. Priest of the Silvercross Society
  2. (archaic) Derogatory term used towards monotheists

It’s hard to explain where the word came from, but the most plausible explanation seems to be that it comes from Triathan á bhrot, meaning on the cloak. When Silvercrossian missionaries came to Aarland from Triath, they were wearing cloaks bearing the symbol of their god, The Light Fourfold. Aarlans - believers of the polytheistic Trifaith - weren’t too pleased about their presence. Used to seeing representations of gods in human form, Aarlans asked Silvercrossians to show them what their god looks like, to which Silvercrossians would point at their cloaks. From this, á bhrot would become a term used in a mocking tone to refer to first Silvercross Society members, then broadened to refer to monotheists as a whole. Eventually, the term would Aarlandize into abrott, and got reclaimed by Silvercrossian priesthood, which wears cloaks with the symbol to this day.


Sort of getting a sense for staging some of the events. I’m going to be typing this first draft up and out of my notebook at some point, but for now, enjoying the fountain pen(s).

Joel is gently petting one of the cafe’s cats- a large, orange tabby that insistently rubs his head against Joel’s jeans.


Ooh! Etymology!

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Began writing Awakening for O2A2. Biiig emphasis on “began”. But hey, this ties to my yesterday’s entry in this topic lol

May: “Abrott Khabril… you wanted to talk to me.”
Khabril: “Yes. It’s about your Ascension.”
She doesn’t even look at me.
Khabril: “Elder Anah expects great things from you.”
May: “I’m… honored.”
There’s no emotion in her voice. I’ve been observing her for a long while - not just because elder Anah told me to, but because it’s my duty as an abrott to watch over my people. While May’s faith is certainly strong, it doesn’t seem to bring her comfort.

(name *) box of poisons
(dict *) poison arsenic arsenious oxide cyanide strychnine

Starting my anti-romance game jam entry fashionably late…

Her work begins when the heart stops. When the System dies, she will be first in line to begin its dissection, she thinks, shuddering at the idea. She would like to sink her teeth into it, she thinks. To learn what blood flows beneath the surface, let it flow over teeth and tongue, metallic and sweet.


Really short bit from Awakening because it’s a 1k words long thing so giving every little piece would be kinda silly

May: “I dream of the end of times.”
So do I.


Gotta take a break here and I’ll finish up the script tomorrow. Tiny bit because, again, Awakening is short, and I don’t want to give everything away lol

May: “And- elder Anah told me I should give up on Ju- Cassidy, since she’s a lost cause, but how can I give up? How can I live knowing I didn’t even try to save her, I…”


Short stuff for today. Unrelated to my IF/VN work, completely, I just like to be silly on main sometimes

the rain keeps falling
even now, it still haunts me
on the edge of sleep

the summer wind blows
while I curl up like a cat
waiting for the sun

moonlight like a friend
will guide me into the night
and guard until dawn.


Didn’t post yesterday for Reasons but I’ll share one (1) line from Awakening now, as I finished the script for real

Wherever we may end up, I can only hope that Light will guide us well.

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The following should be safe to post since it is not for an IFComp entry. I am adding a commentary track to the V2 version of my IFComp 2023 game “One King to Loot them All”.

— cut here —

You hear your blood sing in your ears, and you crave vengeance. Vengeance upon the dark sorcerer who sent this creature that killed your priestess, Lydia, into the very heart of your kingdom. It is time to take the fight to him. You are the Barbarian. You are the King. You are…

[Roger] Aw, we lost Lydia already, and we did not even get started!

[Wilco] Well, Mr. Know-it-all, you already KNOW how this will end, and the player does as well, assuming the player did not use nefarious means to enable this commentary. This intro is to get the player to hit the ground running and drop them right into the action.

[Roger] So we are a Barbarian King, and we just defeated a demon, losing our sword and our priestess in the process. But who is this “dark sorcerer,” and how did we learn he sent us the demon?

[Wilco] Good questions! All will be revealed in due course.