30 days from parsercomp

need playtesting for a possible parsercomp entry. it’s a standard ‘old school’ parser game, puzzle-driven with a moderate-sized map. it has some modern conveniences so not completely a trip back to the 80s. hints will be available and there are some debugging features included as well.


Roughly how long will it take for an average player (not playtester)? I might be able to betatest.

i think maybe 2-3 hours without hints. based on recent testing, i trimmed some things down.

Okay, so sorry but that’s too long for my schedule. Good luck with your entry!

If you’re still looking for testers, I should have time to play and send you a transcript! Can’t promise detailed feedback, but I am good at hunting down glitchy behavior.

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thanks, that would be great.

is there a way to DM you? your profile is hidden and it won’t let me message you privately.

Oh—sorry about that! Could’ve sworn it allowed DMs… I’ll DM you, then.

I’ve removed the attachment from your deleted message for security. When you delete a message, there is a 24-hour waiting period during which users can still see the edit history and the deleted message with any links or attachments. It’s not obvious that this is possible if you’ve not deleted messages before. If you’re deleting a message with links or file attachments, it’s best to edit your post and clear those first before deleting due to the message deletion delay, but within 24-hours the message and all links/attachments will be removed completely.

Quick way to DM someone is to click the profile picture and select “message”

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I checked your profile and you are set to accept Private Messages/DMs from anyone; if you updated, it appears you did it correctly.

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