3 Minute Adventure


Last September I made my first IF game. You can play it online for free here: nextrealmgames.com/games/3-min-adventure/
Alternatively here on itch.io.

It’s a very short interactive story. Get equipment, go fight a dragon, talk with a princess. Epic adventure. :slight_smile:

Created using Phaser, Haxe and very simple custom language for the story content. I talked about that more here.

Let me know if you like the game and would like to play more. I currently can’t afford to invest much time into this, but knowing there’s interest would help. There are plans for evolving the “narration engine story” language further (with custom compiler) to allow for more interactive things. Font effects, interactive combat.

I would also like to eventually make bigger, non-linear stories with multiple endings. Maybe episodic content that would depend on previous choices.

Feel free to ask any questions. :slight_smile: