29 IF games released in Ruin Jam!

Ruin Jam received 81 entries! You can see them all at itch.io/jam/ruinjam2014.

More than a third of these entries are IF, so I wanted to draw them to the community’s attention. All of the submitted games are sorted below into IF/parser, IF/hyperlink, IF/other, and not IF.

I built this list without playing them all, so it’s conceivable I’ve missorted a game or two. If so, let me know, and I’ll fix this post!

IF/Inform 7
“This is a Real Thing That Happened” by cvaneseltine (Carolyn VanEseltine)

“Reprobate: A Game About Choices (and lack thereof), by echoboots (Elizabeth Richman)
“Unicorn Dragon Pirate” by BennDragon
“Forget-Me-Not Preview” by Tegan Kehoe
“Transfer Points” by chrismaphone
“It happened again.” by busterwrites
“The TwineLight Zone” by pezcore343 (Chris Cerami)
“Lovely Little Onion Stand” by AnnieMei<3
“All Tomorrow’s Parties” by Sean/Niamh Schönherr
“Composition in a Minor Key” by Aleks Samoylov
“to dismantle love in order to be capable of loving” by eff-face/haybaeks
“A Tale of the Cave” by Snoother”
“Retrieval Run” by ElNarez
“Walkies Simulator” by Norapinephrine
“Character Creation: Destruction” by thirdtruck (James Holder)
“Amity x Li” by KimikoMuffin
“October 31, 1995” by Miss Banana Biker
“Swing Your Mouth Shut and Other Stories” by Hob
“I Am an Impostor” by Malfeasant Dork
“The Book of Infinite Stories” by Morgan_R (a note says this one is undergoing repair)

“Quing’s Quest VII: The Death of Videogames!” by Deirdra “Squinky” Kiai
“code(poem)” by mstea
“DEATH PALACE INFINITUS” by hekate_rina (says it is “not a game; mostly just writing”)
“Macro Transaction Force Go!” by Max Battcher
“Shiro//Kuro” by Maki
“progressive quest ********* social justice warriors” by d6
“Normal Life Sim: Another Day” by Lukalanza
“Love Unexplored” by Snoother

not IF
“Vivant Ludi” by inurashii (Caelyn Sandel)
…tucking the others under a spoiler tag, since they’re less community-relevant (though many are quite good)

“The Last Egg” by Isalba
“Grand Theft Alto” by Steve Barrett
“Queer Ally Cookies: You do not get one because THERE IS NO SUCH THING” by Libertine
“Really Endless Runner” by Elduris
“Social Justice Ice Cream Shop” by Lana Polansky
“Smile” by Shoehead
“L’appel du Vide” by DevArnoDick
“Gameapocalypse” by Satan’s Military Advisor
“The Startup Game” by ntlk
“2:22 AM” by RoboCicero
“Nightmare!” by frodewin
“Chilling Out Simulator 69” by Nik Clay
“Testing Only ONE Quality Of Yours!” by Link-Snes
“Up All Night” by Wild_Dog
“Gator’s Secrets” by R Hill
“grow” by rijnswand
“Social Justice Pirates” by Adam Moore
“Pong Smartphone Edition” by Yoshiatom
“Bloobs!” by CollectQT
“FlowerSweeper” by skoosc
“READYSET” by WBojangles
“Door Simulator 2015” by deepFlaw
“Barbershop Quartet Simulator” by Smedwicks
“Pressing” by icbat
“Plim” by squidlygames
“Average Maria Individual” by alicemaz
“Walking Simulator 2015 - NYC Edition” by onidavin
“Love and Happiness in an Age of Ruin” by ColleeNadia
“Super Pipe Quest Saga Ultimate HD” by Gurt Mallyshag
“Broken Folx” by indiegrimes
“Can you count 60 seconds Precisely?” by Chokitoh
“The Lost Girl” by monsterkiss
“Fly Alpha 2.9” by Hofboy58
“Snow” by Softwave
“Cutie Collector” by jetstorm4
“Fuck Videogames the Videogame” by Pedro Paiva
“Dear Broster” by Tortoisemobile
“Dragon Free Zone” by Swan Princess Games
“‘Imaginary’ Contrast” by LTPATS
“NOBUSÃO” by Enric Llagostera
“The First Day of Tenth Grade” by thepipsqueaks
“brain weird” by publkmiddleschool
“Social Harassment Simulator 2014” by Hishalea
“Accountant Simulator” by Lohrran
“Ignore the Haters!” by Ventus (Fernando Menezes)
“Your Life Simulator” by ElsCorp (Edinho Lima dos Santos)
“KissQuest” by EmilyM (Emily E Meo)
“Tumblr the Game” by jynx
“Damsel In Distress Simulator” by Elise

Not that it really makes a difference, but a whole bunch of the games not listed under Twine are, in fact, made in Twine. (The list became way too long for me to list them all here.)

Congrats on being the only parser-based game :slight_smile: I now really, really wish I’d submitted something. Also I’d like to release a Linux-only game, because I have a sads over how many games are Windows-only or Unity (which means “non-Linux”).

I just played “This is a Real Thing That Happened” and thought it was great.

Reminds me of a game I’ve played on a youth camp called “Statue of Liberty”. The rules are "First person to say ‘Statue of Liberty’ wins, and no cheating. It starts off word association style, but anyone can win at any time, and when they do, everyone congratulates them. The kids get very confused, but it’s great when they figure it out.

Glad you liked it! It’s my first experiment with interactive nonfiction, but I doubt it will be my last.