2015 Spring Thing results!

Congratulations to Chandler Groover, whose game “Toby’s Nose” won both the Audience Choice and the Alumni’s Choice ribbon in the 2015 Spring Thing!

All the festival games remain available for play on the Spring Thing site. Thanks to all the authors who entered games, all the prize donors who provided incentive, and all the players and reviewers who enjoyed the submissions!

I’ll probably have an official “post-mortem” thread here in a week or so for people to discuss their impressions of the first year with the new format. In the meantime, a round of applause for all the authors!

Whoo! Thank you so much for organising this, Aaron.

This is such an honor. Previous Spring Thing titles played a huge role introducing me to the community when I discovered it last year. The Baron was my first parser game. I’m glad that I was able to write something that other players responded to so well!

Thank you for hosting this, Aaron! And thank you to everyone who’s given me feedback since I started making games, and to all the authors in this event and this community for creating such great work!

I should have a Toby’s Nose postmortem ready in a little while.

::applauds for all the authors!::

That’s an interesting story. One idle dream I’ve been entertaining for a few years is to review one of the best of the IF community games for a general fiction/speculative fiction website. I notice from your IFDB profile you’re writer. I like seeing IF and conventional fiction being seen as fundamentally similar.

Spring Thing was my favorite IF event of the year, back when I was playing IF very seriously. I have every reason to believe that it still would be my favorite if I still had the organizational skills to make much time for IF. It seems like there’s good will all around, and real production of sincere and thoroughly realized works of IF. Congratulations, authors and organizer.

So when are the prizes going to be picked out?

The process is underway. Entrants have a shot in random order to pick a prize and be paired up with the prize donor. Once all the prizes have been picked, I’ll update the website.

Thanks again for running this, and for adding the Back Garden option – it’s nice to have some venues that aren’t competitive as such.