2012 in IF?

Hi guys,
I’ve been away from the IF scene for a while now, but now that I have more time I fully intend on playing more games and coming back in this community :slight_smile:
Would anyone be kind enough to sum up the last twelve months or so? Any noteworthy events or games, apart from this year’s Comp’s? Thanks a lot!!

Highly incomplete, just the stuff that caught my attention and stuck there:

January: Porpentine releases Nostrils of Flesh and Clay
January: Jon Ingold releases The Colder Light
February: some controversy at the XYZZY Awards; Cryptozookeeper wins five categories including Best Game
March: Flourish Klink releases Muggle Studies
March: the Apollo 18+20 ‘tribute album’ project, spearheaded by PR-IF, releases a whole bunch of games
April: Adam Cadre releases Endless, Nameless, his first game since 2005
April: Dave Morris and inkle release Frankenstein
May: The Rocket Man from the Sea wins Spring Thing
May: Victor Gijsbers (as Herman Schudspeer) releases the sixth Stiffy Makane game, Nemesis Macana
June: Varytale goes live, including Emily Short’s Bee
June: eleven games released in the Cover Stories event
July: two games released in the Andromeda Legacy minicomp
August: Nereida Scales’ ChoiceScript game Resonance wins Introcomp
August: Dannii takes over as editor of SPAG; next issue planned for December
September: The Emily Short / Liza Daly / inkle project First Draft of the Revolution is released, expanding the Lavori d’Aracne series.
September: Vorple for Inform 7 released
September: Victor Gijsbers begins opening up his roguelike/IF hybrid Kerkerkruip for collaborative development
October: StoryNexus launched
October: Emily Short launches Sparkly IF Reviews, intended to provide a space for saying honest-but-positive things about IF games and resources

October: I released a reimplementation of Uninvited

Wow, there is indeed a few new stuff! Interesting :smiley: Thanks a lot for keeping me up to date!

Twine games have been the most exciting part of the year for me



among other lists

Meanwhile over in Quest land:

January: Gamebook mode added
February: Create games entirely in a web browser, even on iPad
March: Quest for Chrome
July: Automatic game map
December: Second Quest-powered app released for iPhone and iPad

I did an hour long talk yesterday at AdventureX in which I presented Quest and something of my vision for the future of text-based games (hint: doesn’t look like a console window) - I’ll attempt to turn this into a blog post of some kind in the next few days.

Quest is the only fully open source text adventure system that is actively developed and accepts pull requests from the community, so why not get involved in 2013? quest.codeplex.com/