2009 XYZZY Awards

I’m pleased to announce the 2009 XYZZY Awards are finally rolling out. All games released in 2009 are eligible, and anyone can vote. Also, for the first time we’ve finally got an automated voting system, so voting (and counting votes) will be easier than ever. Interested? Great! Head over to xyzzyawards.org/ – the first round of voting will be open until March 4th (at which point we’ll total the votes and announce the finalists in each category, and have a second round of voting).

Just a few more days left to vote! I’ll be announcing the finalists and opening the second round sometime March 5th.

And the results are up for the first round! You can now vote for the finalists at ifmud.port4000.com) on March 20th at 3pm EDT (7pm GMT) to find out who won. See you there!

And just a few days left before voting closes! Get your votes in!