2 quick questions

the first I am having a weird little problem and was wondering about maybe the proper wording and the second is am seeing if it is possible to do something.

First one is this. “A tiny bell is on motel desk.” is some code. When you examine “bell” the result is “You see nothing special about the tiny bell” but when you ring “bell” instead of tiny bell you get “You cant see any such thing”. I put Understand “bell” as tiny bell but it is the same result.

Second thing is I am wondering if it is possible and if so the proper way to word it to display a figure at random.
Like for instance "after examining television, (then display figure of a, b or c at random)


How did you define the “ring” action? It should be something like

Understand “ring [something]” as ringing.

…unless you are doing something more exotic.

After further examination I think I found the culprit elsewhere in the code. This little ditty I totally forgot about.
"After reading a command:
if the player’s command includes “ring bell” , replace matched text with “push buzzer.”

Did not try it out with that omitted yet but im sure thats it.

The question re: displaying figures at random still stands though. Thanks for the help.

There’s no single command that will display a random figure from a given set. But it’s easy enough to do:

let images be a list of figure names; let images be {Figure 1, Figure 3, Figure 4}; let N be a random number between 1 and the number of entries of images; display entry N of images.

That would do it.

Someone was commenting recently about how the documentation is slightly discouraging about creating new actions. What the documentation does not say is that creating actions is MUCH easier than modifying the grammar for existing actions. It’s quite easy to redirect the action to the appropriate thing, but it can be fiendishly difficult to create grammar lines that split a single command into multiple existing actions. And as you’ve discovered, hacking the player’s command often has undesirable side effects.

[code]Ringing is an action applying to one thing. Understand “ring [something]” as ringing.

Check ringing:
say “That’s not something you can ring.”;
stop the action.

Check ringing the buzzer: instead try pushing the noun.

Instead of ringing the tiny bell:
say “You tap the bell, and a moment later the conceirge appears.”;
now the concierge is in the location.