1st/2nd Person Viewpoint & Custom Library (solved)

I have been trying to figure out how to achieve the viewpoint I am after.


The person typing/actually playing the game IRL is directing/helping the “character/player”
The character/player is the one narrating (but in “cutscenes” so are you)

It is basically, you having a conversation with the computer character (in very simple terms).

So if I said:

x me
She would reply “well I can’t see you”.

and if I said:

x you
She would give me a description of herself.

Excerpt from backstory & beginning

the last “we” there is because the IRL player is “involved” with a group, so the occasionally “we” pops up on either side, as well. 'Scuse any mess there, it is part of the backstory (with SMS/txt messaging) stuff, hence the “u” rather than “you”. It is basically a very rough draft as I have been typing away madly today with scenes/plots (inspiration struck), but am now calling it quits and heading to bed. Hopefully that gives a good overall example of use though.

So I found Custom Library Messages extension, and since 2nd person seems to actually split into 2 sub-levels (full second viewpoint or 1st viewpoint with bits of 2nd) would this extension still be useful, how much changing would be required?

I’m 'fraid to say that I know what I want in terms of the viewpoint, but I have no idea frankly exactly what it is named exactly, and whether it is/not a part of general “2nd person” in Custom Library :unamused: Alas, viewpoints is one of the many area that simply confuses me sometimes.

Thanks for any help :smiley:

To get what you want, you should be using straight-up first person, because you want interactions that look like

To make this a little bit clearer, there are three separate things going on in an IF command-response exchange:

  • The character who speaks in response to commands, or the narrator.
  • The character who issues commands through the parser, or the player character.
  • The character who actually carries those commands out, or the protagonist.

(Actually, we could add a fourth - the narrator’s audience - but I can’t remember a game that splits the audience from the player character. Though that would certainly be possible. But I digress.)

The viewpoint of a game, for strictly mechanical purposes, is determined by the relationship between the narrator and the protagonist. (The identity of the player-character doesn’t really matter.) What you should be focusing on is the sort of thing that happens for reporting normal, everyday interactions, because that’s the sort of thing that library responses have to handle. If a typical response is something like “You open the door,” it’s second-person. If it says “I open the door,” it’s first-person, even if it acknowledges a strongly-present player character by saying something like “Okay, enough already. I open the door. Happy now?” So, a game is first-person when the narrator and the protagonist are the same person, which is what you want.

(Your confusion may be because normal IF second-person is in fact a bit of a hybrid between first and second person; it’s narrated in second person, but it’s strongly implied that the narrator is also the protagonist; they see through the same eyes, have the same moods, and the personality of the protagonist is reflected in the narrator’s style.)

You will also, almost certainly, want to use Custom Library Messages to rewrite a lot of the default responses, to reflect a more strongly characterised, second-person player-character.

If I’ve got this right, it looks like you have a non player narrative, like Violet does. It looks like there is a blend of first and second person viewpoints here. Basically, if the action is always done by the player with the non player narrator reporting it, then you probably want full second viewpoint. If, on the other hand, you have some actions that are actually carried out by the narrator rather than the player, then those would be in the first person. Also, the story viewpoint only affects the custom messages defined in the extension. If you customise all the messages, then it becomes irrelevant.

Hope this helps.

Thank you to both of you!

I d/l CLM and will use it later on (mostly concentrating on rooms rather than character for the moment).

I figured everything out and have a basic character there now, who responds to the “x you/yourself” etc…

The main problem I was working on all day today (in about 50 different ways) was the “x me/myself/self” bit, I couldn’t seem to find a way to stop it (no matter what POV, character etc) I finally gave up and wrote in a rule/command, which finally worked, so now I can stop obsessing over that and get back to what I was writing before I “rabbit-trailed”.