18+ Twine games

Just looking for like NSFW HTML text games that like include mind control or corruption would be cool if u guys can hit me up with some thx!!

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NSFW games tend not to be discussed here a lot unless it’s within the context of Comp entries, or technical assistance for authors. Any lurid discussion of adult works needs to be content-warned and potentially spoiler-blurred or hidden behind a details fold.

That said, your search engines like IFDB are probably your best bet for locating these types of works with intelligent tag searching:

IFDB tag “sexual content”
IFDB tag “pornography”
IFDB tag “AIF”
IFDB tag “corruption”

“Mind control” and “corruption” tend to be very niche subjects limited to AIF (adult interactive fiction) and are more common in those specific communities. While IFDB contains entries for AIF games, not every current modern work gets logged there.

Also the “sexual content” tag includes a lot of mainstream games that are not pornographic, but contain passing references to sex or adult content.

You might have a lot more success searching for these types of AIFs on itch.io which is much more lenient about content. You can adjust the tags to get different results. Many of these appear to have graphics but there’s a surprising amount of adult text-based and Twine games if you go hunting for them.

Also there is a historical “AIF Games List” that is pretty explicit about listing specific kinks and tends to be old school parser-porn.