18 Rooms to Home hints (Spoilers)

Okay so there aren’t any spoilers here yet, but there deffo will be as more rooms get released. Right now, I just need a hint: how do I get something different to happen in room 18 (after coming from 17)? My feeble imagination has failed me.

Took me a while too!

x cars when you saw Chris’s card

Another one?

chris LOVES her car

Room 16: I haven’t been able to find the second room 16 ending (although I did accidentally find the worse ending from room 17 in the course of trying stuff). I managed to invite the press into the apartment, which Chris wasn’t too happy about. Not getting recognized in the bus just seems to lead to the original version of room 17. Going into the apartment before the press finds me in the hallway just leads to the room 18 ending. cvaneseltine says there’s a second (bad) room 16 ending, but I haven’t found it. Playing with the doorbell seemed to have some promise (since Yesenia doesn’t bother if the reporters aren’t there) but it only worked twice, and didn’t seem to accomplish anything. Any hints?

“Major” endings (different ending message) that I’ve found so far:

Room 18:

Go into the apartment.

Room 17:

Open the mailbox, read the letters, examine the playing card, examine the cars, attack the car to get Chris’s attention. Then either focus on Chris or wait until the sun sets.

Room 16:

Fail to hide your appearance on the bus. Go in, wait in the hallway until the press arrives, then open the door.

Like Zahariel I have not been able to find the second new ending in Room 16.

Second new ending for Room 16:

Bring the press into the apartment hallway, TALK TO PRESS, then go through the door.

I found it very interesting, as a mechanic, that to get the best ending come Room 16…

…you needed to make sure that nothing changed; whereas to get the best ending from Room 17 you needed to radically alter what was going to happen.

Peter (or anyone else): how do you get the room 16 best ending? I figure there has to be something more interesting to do whileon the bus than simply hiding behind the newspaper (or not hiding, to get the endings mentioned upthread), but I can’t seem to accomplish anything useful with the windows, suitcase, friendship bracelet, iPad, etc.


Room 16 has only two new endings (having to do with summoning the media), both of which are considered worse than the better ending from room 17. There is no new “best ending” starting from room 16; the best way out of the bus scene is to make it to the normal version of room 17, without being recognized. In this scenario, the point of room 16 seems to be about giving you the player an outside view of events that led up to this situation.

Ah, thanks. I wasn’t expecting that to be the case, but it’s a good bit of info for dealing with future installments.

Oh, THAT’S where my post went! I thought it had gone into another thread…

I may be becoming unhinged from reality.

Room 15 is live!

For those who will want to know - here’s the endings count update.

The cause-and-effect cascade doesn’t reach room 18. No new endings.

I can definitely understand why this took so long. That is some complicated NPC interaction right there.

I like the new news stories in room 16, especially the one if you avoid getting in an actual fistfight (or revealing yourself). I couldn’t find any way to avoid being discovered at all. Is there something else to hide behind so Brigit won’t find you right after the Hyacinth throws the grenade?