13th Competition for Interactive Fiction in Russian

Some of you may know about KRIL - Russian IF competition. It accepts games in Russian, experimental IF and IF translations to Russian. This year is going to be the biggest one since 2012.

There are three nominations: the contest for original works, the translation contest and unrated festival for the free-form experiments. The prize system is much more complex than in typical comps because there are a lot of special prizes from sponsors on top of the main fund, each special prize with its own eligibility rule. And the main fund itself is split between original works and translations.

The games are accepted until December 2nd, the voting ends on January 8th (that’s 2019) and the results would be livestreamed on Twitter/Mastodon/Telegram before Jan 15th.

So, if you read Russian language or you can write in it, welcome! Even if you don’t, there’s a possibility that someone would want to translate your games, especially if they are in Inform 6 or Twine. And good luck in IFComp to all who intend to enter :slight_smile:

The games are here: kril.ifiction.ru/games2018/

There are 24 games in the main competition, 2 translations (“En Garde” vs. “the uncle who works for nintendo”) and 2 games in off-competition garden. The voting was extended until 23th January, and results will be published on 26th.

Everyone is always asking “how do I make an RPG in Twine?”

There is a game in the new AXMA JavaScript version (AXMA is a “twine-alike”) by one of the dev team if you want to check it out. It’s in Russian, but will google translate if played online. hyperbook.ru/comments.php?id=15442564770000