Playing   Beta Testing Requests and Discussion

Wizard-99 A text-based adventure/RPG (3)
To Burn in Memory (Anniversary Edition) (6)
The House of Mystery Version 1.1.3 (Details in Description) (4)
Wake Up - Ectocomp 2018 game - Beta testing (1)
"Please Help Me" - A 4 room/puzzle game ["horror"] (8)
wanted: accessibility tester for web-based IFcomp submission (1)
Parser game Beta for IFComp needs 1 more tester (1)
Seeking betatesters and Proofreaders for puzzle IFComp game (1)
Wanted: beta-testers of interactive stories to learn science (5)
DORK | Beta Testing | Explicit (Language/sexual comedy) (4)
Looking for proofreaders (2)
Polishing/testing Owl Consults tribute game, final round (1)
NEW Commodore 64 32k Text Adventure (13)
Looking for testers (2)
Seeking beta-testers for fantasy IFComp game (1)
Beta Testers Wanted for Sci-Fi Text Adventure (1)
beta-testers wanted (1)
Looking for testers for small difficult IFComp puzzle game (2)
Red Alert - Adrift in Space (8)
IF in Mythaxis Magazine (2)
Looking for beta testers for parser IF Comp game (1)
Looking for testers for new parser-based game (1)
Two Games -- looking for players and feedback (3)
Looking for testers for smallish parser game (1)
Looking for beta testers for a new parser game (1)
Would greatly appreciate your opinion... (6)
Seeking Beta Testers for Snollygoster! (to be renamed soon) (4)
Looking for testers for medium-short narrative parser game (1)
Dynamite Powers vs. the Ray of Night! needs beta testers! (1)
Thaumistry text adventure Kickstarter is now live ( 2 ) (22)